Maggie – Pink Princess

We received another update of Miss Pink – Maggie.  Look at her!!  I believe this beauty is loved!!  I absolutely adore getting updates from our clients.  I love being able to see them grow and know how they are doing in their forever homes.  Thank you Debra, for keeping in touch and updating us on Maggie.  She is another beautiful girl and looks to be getting along just fine in her new home.  Three months have flown by for these little ones, well I guess not so little anymore, lol!

Maggie 9-27-18

Our Miss Bailey

Our family kept one of Kimber’s females, Bailey, and she is an absolute joy to our family.  She is absolutely beautiful and such a great addition to our family.  Being able to see Kimber interact with her daughter is wonderful and educational at the same time.  Knowing that this little one was born in this house and is now residing here makes me so proud.  She loves the water, retrieves like a champ, and is learning commands.  She listens well but also lets you know she would rather not listen.  We cannot wait to start her training and see exactly how far this beauty will go.  Hueston, our son, absolutely adores her and she him.  When you are gone from her for any amount of time it is like she has not seen you in weeks, she gets so excited, its so sweet.  Thank you momma Kimber for giving us this little bundle of joy.

Angus Update!!

Isn’t he beautiful!!!  I just love getting updates on our recent litter.  Angus is growing like crazy, thirty pounds at three months!!!  Wow!  We knew he was going to be a big one!  Scott and Cathy are enamored with Mr. Angus and it shows.  He is so very beautiful.  Thank you Cathy for sharing pictures and updates.  Maurice and I knew this boy was going to be amazing and I think we were right!

Angus 9-28-18


Maurice, Hueston, and I would like to thank all of our clients for opening their homes and hearts to their new pups!  This has been an amazing experience and I hope we can follow each and every one of these beauties as they become hunters, trial runners, and home companions!!

We are ready for our next litter!!

Big Blue making an impact!!

Mr. Blue, now Mr. Ace is making a slash with his new owners.  TJ, thank you so much for the photo’s and videos!!  At eight weeks old this little one is retrieving like a champ and absolutely no fear of the water!!  Good luck TJ keeping him out of that pond!!  We are so very proud of Ace, he looks amazing and from the look of him he is wonderfully happy!!  Keep those photos and videos coming, we cannot wait to see Ace as he grows into an avid hunter!!

Mr Blue - Ace with family

Pink Princess Maggie!

Our pink princess Miss Maggie went home with Bill and Debra on Monday and looks like she is fitting right in.  She is getting lots of love and attention especially from their granddaughter!!  I think she is completely worn out.  Thank you Debra for sharing this photo, we miss little Pink, but she looks right at home where she is!!

Miss Pink - Maggie - New Home

Angus at home!!

I cannot thank the Sullivan’s enough for all the wonderful pictures of Angus.  I just love getting updates on our pups and it looks like Angus is having a great time at his new home.  Giving and getting lots of love and joy!!  He is so adorable and getting so big!  Thank you Scott and Cathy for sharing!!!