Getting Close!!!!

Kimber is getting close to birthing this new litter!!  We are so excited, I cannot wait for a houseful of yellow cuties!!!  These are going to be some incredible pups, perfect timing to get them trained for your next hunting companion, or just a wonderful new companion to your house.  I don’t believe anyone could be disappointed in this wonderful litter!

kimber jan-2019

Beautiful Pairing!!

The breeding has happened!!!  These two gorgeous yellow Labradors will be expecting the first of February!!

 3xGMPR Blackjack’s 3 Ring Vega SH  X  Kimber Paws Pannell

Litter expected the first week of February 2019 with home placement being the end of March the first of April 2019.  These will be some big and beautiful yellow Labradors.  We are so excited!!!

See our website for more information on this breeding.