These Littles are growing way too fast!! They are getting more playful by the hour I swear!!

Potty Training has begun, they are starting to play with toys and each other ☺️. If they hear my voice all their little heads pop up and they get excited 😛

If I get in the whelping box they all crowd me for cuddles and love ❤️. I cannot believe they aren’t even four weeks yet!!!!!

Hanging Out

Some of these Littles are grazers, meaning they like to come back for another taste so I let them hang out a bit till they are ready to sleep again 😊.

They love to explore and smell the big dogs!!!

Feeding Time 🥰

Momma wasn’t producing enough milk so I introduced them to the gruel last week and they LOVE IT!!

It gets quite messy so they get numerous wipe downs throughout the day. 😊

They are becoming more and more active, this begins the really fun time. Watching them grow and their personalities start to form.

Have I said how much I love these Littles 😊😊😊😊