Meet “Buck” 🥰

Maurice decided on a name….

Flushing Kimber’s I Might Just Make A Buck Or 2.

This boy is sitting, coming (his recall is amazing) responding to verbal commands, and LOVES to retrieve. He just might live up to being another Ryker. Poor little dude he has some mighty shoes (paws) to fill.

Miss Purple – Rhea – Goes Home 🥰🥰🐾🐾

Well it has started….. Miss Rhea left for her amazing new home today. Yes, there were tears, but this family is so loving and kind. The Ivie’s purchased a pup from Bailey’s first litter, this time last year. Athena, a beauty that took after her momma Bailey. Literally a spitting image of her 🥰. Thank you Ivie family, for choosing us again for your new family member.