Millie ❤️

Now Miss Millie is from our Vega/Kimber Spring 2019 litter. She resides in California with her Dad and lab brother Rebel. Every since Millie was born she has had this distinctive line right down her forehead. I’m so glad she she still has it ❤️. Millie is getting ready for her first hunting season, she’s already retrieved a few birds but I believe many many more are in her future!! Paul, I cannot express just how very much I appreciate the pictures and updates. Keep them coming! she is a straight replica of her momma!

Angus ❤️

Okay, for those that don’t know, Angus is from our Thunder/Kimber 2018 litter. He weighs in at 96 pounds and is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! We are so incredibly lucky, his mom keeps us up to date on his adventures and his growth! This boy has such a special place in my heart. I actually got to see him last April, and he remembered me, it was absolutely amazing. Isn’t he just gorgeous???