Well I don’t know about Miss Kimber but I sure am ready for some new puppies!!! We will be doing a REPEAT Breeding with Blackjack’s 3 Ring Vega as soon as Kimber enters her next heat cycle. I’m so excited!! We have had such phenomenal feedback from our previous litter, intelligence, exceptional training ability and of course incredibly beautiful! We have a few spots left for both male and female. We will continue to update as the process moves along!! Once again we thank all our incredible clients!!!

Mr. Reed!!

Reed, aka… Lt. Blue, from our Vega/Kimber February 2019 litter, loves his owners lap!! Walker told us when he first picked Reed up he rode all the way home to Louisiana on his lap. Well that must be his favorite place cause he’s still riding there, lol!! Walker, he’s going to be to big for this spot soon, at 45 lbs he’s got to be getting heavy!! He sure is beautiful 😊. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Mr. Angus!!

This boy here is almost a year old!! Angus is from our Wyngmaster’s Thunder/Kimber litter July 2018!! He is so very beautiful and has grown so much!! I got the pleasure of seeing Angus in April and he remembered me! It pleased me beyond belief! Cathy, you and Scott have become friends as well as superb clients!!! Thank you for always sending updates!

Miss Bailey!!!

This beautiful girl is living life to the fullest in Texas!! She has found such an incredible family that adores her beyond words ❤️. She is growing up so fast and getting so big! Erika, we cannot thank you enough for all of your updates! Each time I see your name come up I smile knowing I’m going to get some adorable pictures!!

Hank loving life in Texas!!

I have to share these adorable videos of Hank, aka Mr. Red. Look at this beautiful boy!! He is living it up in Texas!! Hank is getting so big and he is so beautiful!! It’s amazing how very close in looks these pups are.

Lara, thank you so very much for the updates!! Thanks for giving this pup an awesome home 😊.