Beautiful Kimber Paws Pannell

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Flushing Kimber Kennels is starting on a new adventure as Professional Home Breeders raising some of the finest “Working” Labradors in the State of Oklahoma.  When we aquired Kimber, I will be honest, I was not ready for her!!  I knew nothing about Labradors, about their energy, their incredible loyalty, or their passions.  Kimber has taught me so much and I have completely fallen in love with this breed.  As any other Labrador owner knows these dogs are not just “dogs”, they are amazing animals, whose number one want is to please their owners.  Pleasing their owners might mean retrieving for a hunt, testing in field trials, or just lounging with the family.   Spend any amount of time with a Labrador and you will see it, and want to become a part of it.  I did, I saw, and I learned and I am continuing to learn.

We at Flushing Kimber Kennels are a family who’s goal is to educate others on these amazing animals and continue bettering the breed through educated and knowledgeble breeding.





Thank You,
Maurice and Dapheney Pannell
(918) 513-2613

Flushing Kimber Kennels
30339 Anna Mae Av.
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