Aren’t they gorgeous!! And SOOOOO BUSY!!🐾🐾

The two yellow Males are available for home placement 😊. They are so incredibly fun!!! Such GREAT well rounded pups 🐾

Mr. Red – bravest pup ever! He is so loving but very independent!
Mr. Red 💕
Mr. Personality – BLUE. He is AMAZING!
Big Blue
Big Boy Bear 🐻🐻🐻
The Three Amigos 🤣
They never STOP 🛑

Three Males Available!!

These are the last three males available from our current litters. All three of theses buys are 90% potty trained, crate trained, UTD on vaccinations, dewclaws removed, microchipped and come with a 26 month genetic health guarantee. I would say all three of these males posses what we are always looking for in the Labrador. Well rounded, attentive, aim to please.

Mr. Green (Tycho x Willow) this boy is the epitome of the big black Labrador. He is solid, weighing in at 15 lbs at nine weeks!! He is loving, attentive, playful but also able to play on his own and entertain himself. I am honestly so surprised he is still left he is GORGEOUS!!
Mr. Tan (Louie x Kimber) this boy is BEAUTIFUL! He has a very sweet disposition and loves attention. He is a bit of a scrapper and explores everything! His nose is always to the ground or in the air.
Mr. Grey (Louie x Kimber) oh this boy is something else!! He has such a personality! He definitely demands your attention for some much loved cuddles then he is good to go off doing his own thing. Fearless, loving, attentive yet independent.