Growing Up – Miss Yellow – “Bailey”

Now this girl I know is getting spoiled beyond words.  Erika has shared so many videos, photos, and updates on her, for which I am so incredibly thankful for!!  Bailey is living it up in Texas, watching deer and playing with the boys!!  I think she just might have her mom wrapped around her big paw, lol!!

Erika, thank you so very much for all the updates.  I enjoy every bit of them!

Growing Up – Miss Pink “Millie”

Paul has been so incredible updating us on Millie’s adventures.  We love getting updates from our clients, there is such a great feeling seeing our pups in such loving families.

This little one I know is getting spoiled beyond belief.  As Paul says “Millie is amazing!”  She is growing up so fast but so incredibly beautiful!  Paul has shared so many photos and videos but these two are my favorites!