Precious ❀️

I’m starting to miss these little ones already!!! They are doing so GREAT in the kennel!! It makes for some very long nights but so so worth it in the end!!! It ensures they are familiar with their “space” when they go to their forever homes. Anything we can do to get these little ones started right we try our best to do!!

Mr. Red

I cannot believe it but this beautiful boy is still available. Mr. Red is so loving, playful, and so intelligent!!! If you know anyone wanting an exceptional Male, please let them know about this guy!!!

Mr. Hank!!

This pup is so perfectly named!! Hank resides in Texas and look how beautiful he is!! I swear these pups are all clones of each other 😍. Just look at those eyes, how could one ever tell him “No”. Lara thank you so much for the picture.

This was Mr. Red from our Spring Vega/Kimber litter 😊.