Well Kimber is almost thirty days in and doing well. She eats and sleeps ❀️😊. Wish I had her schedule lol!! Her belly is getting a bit bigger, and she’s not moving quite as fast as normal and essentially has the attitude of “not today”, she is so funny and so very precious. She stays pretty close to me and just wants constant belly rubs and lots of loving, which of course is just fine by me. Praying for another healthy, beautiful litter πŸ™πŸ»β˜ΊοΈ.

3xGMPR 3 Ring Vega SH x Kimber Paws Pannell – REPEAT BREEDING!!

Breeding “Superior Working Labradors” for both Waterfowl and Upland Game with exceptional lineage.


This litter is an exceptional breeding between 3 x GMPR Blackjack’s 3 Ring Vega SH, belonging to Josh Cochran from 3 Ring Kennels in Parsons Kansas, and our own
Kimber Paws Pannell.Β 

This is a repeat breeding so we know that this next litter will be as exceptional as the one whelped February 2019.Β  Updates on all of the February pups can be found within these blog pages!!

Pups are expected September 24th, with home placement being the first of November!!Β 

Pups both Male and Female Dual Registered $950