Kimber ❤️

Well momma Kimber is 13 days out 😀. We are so ready for some more amazing and gorgeous puppies! Please say a little prayer, if you feel so inclined, for healthy, happy puppies and an easy delivery for our precious Kimber.


Oh this girl!!! Bailey is so loved and it shows ❤️! She is so adorable and looks a lot like her momma. Seeing these little ones growing up warms my heart. She tried to go school with her boys the other day, but mom ruined it and pulled her off. She just wanted to learn mom, lol!!

Momma Kimber

Pregnancy does not stop this girl!! Training a bit today and she would not have laying this one out 😊. This girl will go, go, go! She sees the bumpers come out and the excitement begins!! I love this girl so much ❤️.