Miss Kimber – Time Out

Well we have decided to give Kimber a time out from breeding.  Although she adores her puppies and is a terrific momma, we just felt she could use a break.  All evidence points to this being the right decision, for this mature dog is acting like a feisty little puppy!!  It is hilarious, I have not seen Kimber act so “puppyish” since she was a puppy!!  She is enjoying her time teaching little Willow the what for’s and the proper actions of a well mannered Labrador.  It truly does our hearts good to see this beautiful girl enjoying her training, learning, and teaching!!   We are really going to be ready for late summer, early fall for both Kimber and Bailey to come back into season so we can breed some more outstanding puppies.  Now the work begins to find the next exceptional Sire that will help us produce more magnificent pups.


I cannot believe Vega/Kimber’s first litter of these beautiful pups are ONE today! Where has this last year gone? Although not all have made it to this first year they all, each and every one, have made beautiful and lifelong memories for so many humans. We are truly blessed to have played our part in these remarkable pups lives. Keep the updates coming!!

To those of us that only got a short time with these amazing pups, their lives will forever remain in our memories 💞💗