Canadian Oakley!!! 🐾♥️

Just look at this girl!! Isn’t she just gorgeous? Such an inviting picture, makes me feel “FALL”!

Oakley is from our Louie x Kimber litter, whelped in June.

Oakley is living it up in Canada 🍁 living the greatest adventure!! I love seeing these pups thriving in their forever homes and following their journey! Thank you Sarah for sharing!!

Breeding Has Occurred!!!

We are excited to announce that our SHR Flushing Kimber’s Whisper Willow has been breed with GRHRCH UH 4xGMPR 3 Ring Tycho’s Supernova of TGK MH (1/1 Master National Pass)!!

Pregnancy will be confirmed around November 8th with pups being whelped around December 11th.

I am so excited!! This should produce both Black and Chocolate puppies!!

Happy Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎈

Willow turns TWO today!!! I can honestly say I am still trying to figure this girl out 😂. She is like a middle child I think, she’s very independent, LOVES to train, affectionate and has impeccable manners, except when “going to the line”. We love her for all of her quirks 🥰.

Happy Happy Birthday to all the Vega/Kimber Fall 2019 pups!! We hope they are all living the best LAB life 🥰

Bailey Update ☺️

Well Miss Bailey had her ultrasound this morning and unfortunately she did not conceive 🙁. I am so bummed but also grateful. She had some issues with this heat cycle so now we have a game plan for her next. Everything happens for a reason. Now she can continue her training for her next titles.


Well look at this gorgeous girl!! Lola is growing up! Per her momma June, she has entered the teenage adolescent stage trying to get away with everything she can!!

Lola is from our Spring Louie/Bailey litter ❤️ Look how leggy and silky she is!!!! That coat is perfection!!

Willow 🐾🐾

This beautiful girl turns two next week and will be headed to OKC to test her hips and elbows. She runs her first AKC test the 1st of October and will hopefully get to run a Seasoned HRC test before testing ends for the season. I’m so very proud of her.

Willow will be breed with GRHRCH UH 4xGMPR Tycho MH her next heat cycle.