Beautiful Pairing!!

The breeding has happened!!!  These two gorgeous yellow Labradors will be expecting the first of February!!

 3xGMPR Blackjack’s 3 Ring Vega SH  X  Kimber Paws Pannell

Litter expected the first week of February 2019 with home placement being the end of March the first of April 2019.  These will be some big and beautiful yellow Labradors.  We are so excited!!!

See our website for more information on this breeding.

Chance & Roux Updates (Mr. Tan and Mr. Red)

Looks like Chance (Mr. Tan) and Roux (Mr. Red) are fitting into their new family just fine.  Mr. Jeff Squibb purchased these two from our Thunder x Kimber July 2018 litter and looks like they are getting lots of love and action.  Jeff, thank you so much for the updates.  According to Jeff, both love the water and have mastered sit, stay, come and both retrieve to hand!!  That is great at not quite four months old!  We cannot wait to see just how far these beauties go!!  Keep us posted Jeff.

(videos are kind of grainy but you can get the general idea!!)

Whisky – AKA Wreck It Ralph – Update

Looks like Alex is having a great time with Whisky (Thunder x Kimber 2018 Litter).

He has gotten so big and learning so much.  Alex, thank you so much for sharing his updates with us.  I think you have a good one there and we cannot wait to see just how big he gets.  Listen everyone, you can hear his whining to be released, I think he likes the water!!

Vega & Kimber Litter Coming Soon!!!

We will be expecting a litter from these two beautiful yellow “Working” Labradors mid January 2019!!!  We cannot wait to see what beautiful ranges of yellow’s these two will produce.  Vega is a 3xGMPR with an exceptional lineage including two US Open Pheasant Champions!!  This will be an incredible pairing!!  More information to come!!!