Round #2 has started 😳

Kimber has started labor!! This is Kimber’s last litter. The matriarch and creator of all!


Just Pictures….

Just hanging out waiting on the next Littles so thought I would share some of our currents! Sure wish they stayed smaller longer!

Mr. Red – big yellow at back – living the life in WI. This family had no labs till Red, I think they fell in love 💕
Biscuit loving to work!
Mr. Teal man 💕
Happy Max, look at that smile!
I’m liking those birds mom! Rip doesn’t really know why he is attracted to this flying things.
Roxy want to know….Where we going Dad?
Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Love Angus 💕
Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Love Satchel – ( Angus’s little bro)
Aren’t I pretty mom? Duke is so loved!!
I love my Dad. Leo hasn’t figured out how big he is, lol!
Winchester!! Good looking boy, killin it it training
Sophie, getting a suntan 🤣
Dad, come on!!! Smidge looking so embarrassed 😳
Yes, we are friends, for now…. Lucy.
What??? Did I do something wrong? I got bored mom 🤣. Oh Remi!
Let’s play!!!
Ohhhh I’m so tired mom! Says Shadow. I’m resting from all our travels!
Am I pretty mom. Mack, posing for his picture 🤣. So serious Mack!
Reed & Rhett – two peas in a pod! So so loved!
Miss Rhea Sunshine Ivie – pretty pretty girl 💕
Boozer Man – learning the ropes at Flint Oak ❤️

Okay this is getting too big…. To be continued!! Send me updates!!!

Counting the days …..

The mommas to be are sleeping and eating and that is about it. Poor Willow is so full, she lays on her side and I just see boop, boop of Littles moving around!! Kimber only has a couple so she isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I know Willow is. I swear they keep gassing me and it’s HORRIBLE!!! 🤢🤢

Come on Littles!!!

Mom, is it time to eat????

I’m getting “the Look”