This little face!! He is AVAILABLE!!

This is Mr. Turquoise – I call him Turq 😊. He is the absolutely sweetest pup!! He is busy and feisty as all get out, but he stops everything for some love and rubs. He climbs in my lap and kisses and pats my face, anytime I am on his level. He is absolutely fearless and very inquisitive. This boy is going to make and amazing companion and awesome hunter. He attacks the wings and ducks and does not want me to take them away. If you are looking, this one CANNOT be beat. I mean really, look at this face!!! Kennel and potty trained!!


Three Males Available!!

Incredible pairing, repeat breeding. Previous pups have shown to be great companions and hunters!!

Mr. Tan – incredibly independent, curious, fearless and so loving!!
This face!! Mr. Turquoise – BUSY, loves attention, feisty never backs down. Total sweetheart 💕
Mr Grey – best fur ever! He has the longer fluffier coat, very independent, very playful and loving!!

Gio, Mr. Green goes home 🏠

Well this big boy went home with his new dad Charlie, on Saturday. Charlie says he is doing amazing. Potty’s outside and goes right into his kennel with no crying!! Yay! This is what I love to hear, this means I did my job and Gio will adjust well. This really makes my heart happy!! Charlie, keep us posted, this boy chose you for a reason!!


It’s absolutely crazy to think that some of these amazing Littles will be going to their forever homes tomorrow. 😧 They have really morphed this last week in size and personality. I wish they could stay in this stage for longer.

BUT play is getting a bit rough and with 11 it becomes chaos pretty quick so it is time. They are ready to make their transition.