Look at this amazing boy!!! Whisky is from our Spring 2018 Thunder/Kimber litter. Isn’t he magnificent!! Oh my goodness I could sit and look at him all day. Looks like he’s doing what he loves and doing it well per his owner Alex. Alex we cannot thank you enough for the update!! He is just stunning!

Caddie Becomes a Texan

Miss Caddie also made her way home today. The Alles family have added a spunky little girl to their family that will be sure to add immense enjoyment and love!! ❤️ This family has waited so long for this beauty and from the looks on their faces I think the wait was worth it! I can’t wait to hear all about this girls new adventures!!!🥰

Chara goes home ❤️

Well Chara has started her journey home to Ohio. Mark and his daughter Arielle, arrived to take her home 😌. We will so miss this little one, she has such a big personality but we cannot wait to hear of her adventures. Safe travels Miss Chara, your world is starting to expand!!