RED!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh my look what we just got!! An update on Red! Yes, they kept his name “Red”. Isn’t he looking amazing!! It just blows my mind how much these pups look alike🥰. Samantha, thank you so very much for the update. I was just wondering about him yesterday. It truly makes me so happy whenever I see these pups and their amazing families ❤️.

Miss Molly ❤️

Well this little bit is our 12 year old Silky Terrier. Poor girl, she has been over run with BIG DOGS!!! The puppies love her, she hates them, lol!!! Her and Willow have a love hate relationship depending upon the day. Molly sets her straight pretty quickly!! I love this little one and she’s getting older so I try to give her lots of extra love.

Sweet Chara!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Per Chara’s human Dad, “Loads of raw talent, retrieving maniac, intelligent, headstrong and sweet is this Chara ❤️”

Looks like Chara is progressing wonderfully under her Dads watchful eyes and praising hands!!!

Oh my goodness she looks amazing. Mark stated that she even broke ice to retrieve this dummy!! Does not look like it fazed her a bit! She is so beautiful. Thank you so much Mark for the update. I am so very glad Chara is a part of your beautiful family!!!