Louie X Kimber Litter

We have three Males available for reserve out of this litter.

Orange Collar very independent and playful. He is definitely starting to show a feisty side 😊 (SOLD)
Green Collar – very independent, very busy!! He loves attention and checks everything out!
Light Blue – no that is not dirt on his nose, it’s his coloring, it’s so sweet!! He is a lover and loves belly rubs!!
Grey man – he is a lover!! He wrestles everyone but loves to just hang out watching.
Tan Man – he is a bruiser! He takes on even the bigger pups! Very independent but also like to be scratched and loved on.
Mr. Blue – this boy is the sweetest of them all. He is very confident and just hangs out, plays or watches. Pretty chill with just about everything.
Mr. Black – overall very well rounded! Independent, playful, loving. Very inquisitive and I afraid. (SOLD)

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