Males – Chocolate & Black Pups 🐾

Mr. Orange – Black Male.

This boy is BIG and so incredibly loving! He runs to greet me and will not go explore until I give him lots of love. He is going to be the magnificent big black Labrador that loves to love!

Mr. Green – Black Male

This boy is strong! He actually pulls himself up and over the wall of the whelping area! I sat and watched trying to figure out how he was getting out, well now I know. He is SMART!! He has the most beautiful silky coat! He investigates EVERYTHING very independent.

Mr. Blue – Chocolate Male

This boy is so goofy, big and so so fun!! He runs to me every time I speak and loves to give and get love. He loves to eat and is one of the bigger ones. He has a very friendly, funny, loving personality. Loves to play tug of war with the other pups. Very cautious he does not just run into the fray he has to wait and watch.

Mr. Tan – Chocolate Male

This boy is a bruiser! He is mighty and very busy! He is an explorer and checks everything out and if he gets bored he starts the wrestling game with whomever is close. He is very attentive and when he looks at you it’s like he is reading your soul, I am not kidding! He is intense!

Mr. Black – Chocolate Male

This boy is the smallest of the three Chocolates, very independent. I have to snatch him up to get some love because he is too busy checking everything out. He gives quick kisses then it’s like “let me down” he has to GO! He is very playful but his nose is always to the ground. He has those eyes that you cannot say “no” to!

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