Past clients….or future clients…

  • In your opinion is there more we should do to prepare our pups for new homes?
  • I ask a lot of questions when talking to all of you, because I want to be successful in fitting the right pup to the right family. In your instance, have I been successful?
  • What more would you like to see in videos, pictures, updates.

Your feedback is incredibly important to me and I truly appreciate it! Thank you for your time.


3 thoughts on “Question?????

  1. Daph-
    You are doing amazing things with your pups. I watch your cute videos of the litter as they progress. We we got our guy he was crate trained and well on his way to potty trained. I will say I wish they had worked with leash training a bit. He was not sure about it the first few times I put one on him. I finally had to leave one one him while he played and he got the hang of it. Chewed it some of course but understood quickly what it was about.
    Keep up the cute videos! I love to hear their little noises, too.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Not sure if we were the first to get a puppy, but I thought you were very thorough four years ago. I love the videos and pics. The whole family stalks this website. I also love the updates from past litters. Makes me feel like a huge family. You could live closer to us so we could get puppy fixes.


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