More Puppy Updates 🐾🐾🥰

Okay, yesterday I made a mistake, I had Vega for a picture of Cooper! Well I fixed it, thanks to the heads up from Coopers dad, thank you Rich. So today I will try my hardest to have the right picture to the right pup! I think I might need a new phone for all my pictures!!

First up, VEGA!! This little bit it from our Tycho x Willow litter. She resides in Louisiana and has a new chocolate brother!! I’m pretty sure this girl is the queen of her house and she will be training for field trials soon!! We cannot wait to see how she does! Jessica, keep us posted!!

Vega 🐾♥️

This girl is Oakley, from Kansas!! Oakley is sister to Ripp that I featured yesterday, from our Phrac x Kimber litter. She is already making waves in the hunt test shows and isn’t she just gorgeous!! She looks like her momma Kimber!!! I absolutely love her coloring and that head!!!

Oakley 🐾🐾♥️

This big boy is Ripp from Louisiana! Ripp is from our Louie x Bailey litter 2021!! According to Drake, his dad, Ripp has an incredible temperament and a very quick learner!! These black dogs and their beautiful coats, get me!!!

Ripp 🐾🐾

Milli!! Okay Milli is from our first Vega x Kimber litter and she was born for her Papa Paul. These two have the most undeniable connection. It warms my heart so so much every time I hear from Paul. This connection is not even something that can be put into words, it just is!! She was meant for Paul and Paul was meant for her. Paul drove in from California to get her and drove straight back. They now reside in Idaho. This girl has hunted and retrieves it all!!

Little Milli ♥️🐾

This, this is Waylon!!! Waylon resides in Texas and was from our Louie x Kimber litter. According to his mom, Ann, Waylon is a lover not a fighter. He could really care less about retrieving, he is in a absolutely no hurry, he would rather be loving on his humans 🥰.

Waylon 🐾🥰

BELLA!!! Just received new pictures of this Kimber duplicate! Oh my goodness I saw these pictures and immediate goosebumps!! She resembles her mom so much!! Bella was from our Louie x Kimber litter!! How beautiful is she???? ♥️

Bella!! ♥️

Okay, more to come. Don’t want to overload my phone, lol!

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