5 thoughts on “Puppy Nostalgia

      1. Hi Dapheney, no problem! Early fall??? Which mom and dad? I am oh SO ready for a puppy to love on! Also, will you still let me know asap when you confirm pregnancy? I really want one of your puppies ( I love your labs and I really like everything about your facility, training, etc.) but my hubby doesn’t want to put a deposit down yet…in case we find one in the near future ( I’m not really looking). I will try to send a deposit asap when you have confirmation. Do you get deposits before then? Also, do you allow people to come and see your place and visit with you? Sorry for the long dissertation…promise I am not a crazy person…just don’t want to lose out again. Thanks for listening! Connie


      2. Hi Connie,
        Kimber should come into heat September/October, her stud is currently being discussed. Once it’s been determined I will definitely post and can advise. We are hoping Bailey will be breed late July, but are not 100% on this as of yet. Once again I will most definitely be posting all information!! I’m so ready for puppies!!

        YES, I most definitely invite all families to our facility!! I want you to see how these pups are being raised!! Plus I love to meet the families and understand exactly what you are looking for.

        I don’t take deposits on puppies until pregnancy has been confirmed. I do however take names of those that want to be put on a waiting list. Once pregnancy has been confirmed I then contact those on my list in order of request.

        Please don’t hesitate contacting me with any other questions, give me a call at (918)513-2613 if you would like to discuss further.


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