Our Miss Bailey

Our family kept one of Kimber’s females, Bailey, and she is an absolute joy to our family.  She is absolutely beautiful and such a great addition to our family.  Being able to see Kimber interact with her daughter is wonderful and educational at the same time.  Knowing that this little one was born in this house and is now residing here makes me so proud.  She loves the water, retrieves like a champ, and is learning commands.  She listens well but also lets you know she would rather not listen.  We cannot wait to start her training and see exactly how far this beauty will go.  Hueston, our son, absolutely adores her and she him.  When you are gone from her for any amount of time it is like she has not seen you in weeks, she gets so excited, its so sweet.  Thank you momma Kimber for giving us this little bundle of joy.

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