Whew babies are hard work…

Momma girl taking a break from the babies. She is such a good mom, one squeaks and she goes to investigate. Grandma Kimber is allowed in to clean so the pups couldn’t get any cleaner between the two of them. Kimber adores puppies. She gets in and just lays and watches them. Like mother like daughter 💕


Even if someone isn’t purchasing one of my pups, I am available to help!! I go out of my way to educate and help anyone with questions or concerns about this breed. It’s not about making a sell, it’s about finding the perfect fit and the perfect home for these amazing animals!! They bring so much love and life to anyone lucky enough to share their home with one.


I’ve gotten some videos today of all the pups loving the snow and ice but when I try to upload they get all fuzzy 🙁. But I did get this awesome picture of Harley (Willow x Tycho 2022). Isn’t he gorgeous!! He liked the snow and ice too!