🥲 it starts this weekend….

All the pups start going to their homes this weekend and my tears have already started. You would think I would be past the point of crying each time one leaves. I’m not, it still makes me sad to say goodbye but it also makes me incredibly happy that they are all going to such loving homes where they will become part of amazing families.

Meet Captain Sully 🥰

This is Light Blue, now Captain Sully! He is so incredibly cute and big and loving. He is going to be another Angus (first litter Thunder x Kimber). Captain Sully will be staying in Oklahoma, yippee, and I actually have family in the town he is going to, so I might have to visit!! Congratulations Roberts family, thank you for giving this beautiful boy, what I know, will be an amazing home!!

So Proud!!!!

It was a FANTASTIC night last night!! The pups got me up three times to potty outside!!! This is BIG. They let me know they had to poop or pee, still had some accidents on the puppy pad but moving in the right direction!!!!