Vega x Kimber Hall of Fame Listing

HOF Vega x Kimber 2018

Historical National Field champions and National Amateur Field Champions from 1941 to present.  3XGMPR Blackjack’s 3 Ring Vega SH & Kimber Paws Pannell
includes 52 of the approximate 122 prominent Labradors that have been inducted into the National Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame.  This encompasses over 75 year of excellent breeding and outstanding performance in the history of the Labrador Retriever in the US and Canada.

1941, 1942, 1946 3xNFC Dual Champion Shed of Arden 1992
1947 NFC, Dual Champion CFC Braken Sweep 1995
1949 NFC, Dual Champion Marvadel Black Gum 1995
1955 NFC, FC, AFC Cork of Oakwood Lane 1992
1956 Massie’s Sassy Boots 1994
1957 CNFC, FC Yankee Clipper of Reo Raj 1995
1961, 1963 2X NFC, FC Del-Tone Colvin 1993
1963 NAFC, FC, AFC Pepper’s Jiggs 1995
1996, 1969 2X NFC, FC Whygin Cork’s Coot 1993
1967, 1968 NFC, 2X NAFC Super Chief 1992
1969 NAFC, FC, AFC Guy’s Bitterroot Lucky 1992
1971 NFC, AFC, CFC Mi-Cris Sailor 1993
1971 2X NAFC, FC, AFC Dee’s Dandy Dude 1992
1972, 1975 2X NAFC, 3X CNFC, FC River Oak’s Corky 1992
1974 NAFC, FC Ray’s Rascal 1993
1976 NFC, FC, AFC San Joaquin Honcho 1992
1997 NAFC, FC, AFC River Oaks, Rascal 1993
1980 NFC, FC, AFC, Risky Business Ruby 1993
1981 NAFC, FC, AFC Dude’s Double or Nothin’ 1992
1984 NAFC, FC, AFC Trumarc’s Zip Code 1993
NFC, AFC Butte Blue Mood 1994
NFC, NAFC, 2X CNFC Wanapum Darts Dandy 1992
2X NFAFC, FC Lawhorn’s Cadilac Mack 1992
NFC, NAFC, CFC Major VI 1993
NFC, FC, AFC Westwind Supernova Chief 1996
FC, AFC, Air Express 1995
FC Anzac of Zenith 1995
FC, AFC, Candlewood’s Mad Mouse 1994
FC, AFC Carnmoney Brigadier 2006
FC, AFC Duxback Scooter 1994
FC, AFC E-Lynn Super Strike Lucky 1994
FC, AFC Grady’s Shadee Ladee 1995
FC, AFC, CFC, CAFC Hiwood Piper 1993
FC, AFC Itchin’ To Go 1995
Dual Champion, CFC Little Pierre of Deer Creek 1995
FC, AFC Machipondo’s W.A. Nappy 1994
FC Michell 1994
FC, AFC Nakai Anny 1995
FC, AFC Paha Sapa Chief II 1993
FC Shamrock Acres Super Value 1998
FC, AFC Sir Mike of Orchardview 2000
FC, AFC Snake Eyes Double or Nothin’ 1995
FC, AFC Stone Throw Marion’s Choice 2003
FC, AFC Super Powder 1995
FC, AFC Tar of Arden 1997
FC, AFC, CNFC, CNAFC The Marathon Man 1993
FC, AFC Trieven Thunderhead 1995
FC, AFC Trumarc’s Hot Pursuit 2012
FC, AFC Trumarc’s Raider 1995
FC, AFC Webshire’s Honest Abe 2003
FC, AFC Wilderness Harley to Go 2002
FC, AFC Zipper Dee Do 1994