SHR Kimber paws pannell

Kimber is the amazing dog that started it all. She is absolutely incredible and she is the reason I quit my corporate job and moved into the dog world. Kimber has proven herself to be an excellent mom, driven with desire to work and easily trainable. I joke all the time that Kimber speaks our language. It is like she knows exactly what we are saying!

Kimber started her career late and received her SHR at five years old. Kimber is currently working on her Junior title as well and an Upland title. Kimber is an amazing companion dog that loves to hunt and retrieve but is just as happy to lay at your feet and get all the attention.

The pups that Kimber has whelped have moved into companion homes, hunt test homes, field trial homes and all are thriving with their families. We have been incredibly lucky for we get many updates on her pups that are scattered over the US and Canada.

Click here for Kimber’s pedigree