Puppy Pick Up

There will be a lot of puppies headed to their new homes this week. For those that are picking up please have the following:

Collar & Leash – the one they have now is a quick breakaway and we do not want to put a leash on that.

This is the food we feed – a 5lb Bag will be sent home with them.

Puppy Pads – I will send you home with a few but I recommend laying them by your doors until he/she gets an understanding of where they need to go outside.

Note: when your puppy needs to go potty don’t carry them out the door, they need to learn where they need to go.

Note: the first night is a bit stressful for everyone, especially the puppy. I supply a blanket with mom and siblings scents, put it in the crate with them. I always have music or TV playing – you might want to try this as well. If puppy has gone outside and done their business DO NOT get them out of the kennel when they whine. Think toddler!

Have patience, this Little One’s world has completely changed, he/she will need time to adjust. Breathe, I promise nothing you are going to do in the first few days will ruin them.

#1 – to do: BE CONSISTENT and teach through REPETITION!

I am ALWAYS available for questions or concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!!

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