Don’t ever discount the “runt”!! 🐾🐾🐾

Personally I don’t like the term “runt of the litter” it brings with it a negative connotation. But some are truly opposed to the smallest pup. I’m not here to change anyone’s opinion but I am here to show you what our last “runt” looks like now!!

This is little Miss Lavender from our last Louie x Bailey litter. Remember, she was the littlest thing, her and her brother Mr. Teal. Well this girly isn’t so little anymore! She is MIGHTY and BEAUTIFUL!!

When we have little Littles in our litters these special pups get lots of hands on and lots of extra feedings. Whatever we have to do to let these babies thrive we do.

But Lucy I think says it all! Just LOOK AT HER!!!


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