🐾🐾🐾🐾Socialization – So Important!!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

Puppies need to be out and about. There is a small period of time during which puppies can easily accept new experiences. And after which they become fearful of strangers, strange objects, and strange experiences. This unique time slot is called the window for socialization, and it is all but closed before the puppy is 14 weeks old. So you need to get your puppy out and about, meeting all kinds of people, vehicles, shops, machinery, and so on. Just don’t let everyone “pet” your pup. You have no idea what that person has been in contact with. Most individuals will understand when you say “no, please don’t pet, he/she hasn’t had all their vaccinations “. First and foremost is keeping your pup healthy!!

Most experts recommend that you don’t put your puppy down on the ground (especially at their vet appt!) until his vaccinations are complete, but you can carry him in your arms, or in a strong shoulder bag. If you don’t take your puppy out before this window closes he may be somewhat fearful for the rest of his life. So don’t be tempted to cut corners with this one.

Take your puppy everywhere you go if possible. Introducing him/her to as many new experiences as you can, creates a confident pup, which in turn builds a confident dog! When a dog reacts negatively in situations, it’s usually because they are scared or unsure.

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