The Girls: Tycho x Bailey 🐾🐾

Miss Teal – Black female

This Little is tiny but she is MIGHTY! This girl is not afraid of anything!! She has the sweetest disposition and loves to be cuddled and get attention. She is the first out of the kennel and the first to check anything new out.

Miss Teal SOLD

Miss Red – Black Female

This girl is going to be a big one! She is roudy and playful and the FIRST in the water bowl. Seriously, first visit outside she discovers the water bowl and in she went. She is very independent, she is always checking everything out and her nose is always on the ground. She has the most beautiful face and loves to eat as you can see, she also likes to stand in her food.

Miss Red SOLD

Miss Yellow – Black Female

This little one is busy busy busy! She is always in the middle of whatever is going on. She investigates everything and has her nose to the ground. She pairs up with Red quite a bit they are either playing or wrestling. She like attention but she is just fine doing her own thing to. She does like to crawl in and cuddle in my lap. she loves belly rubs.

Miss Yellow SOLD

Miss Pink – Black Female

I call her Miss Sassy, I swear she even has a sassy walk! She struts her stuff and LOVES attention. She is the first one to come running when I call and she tries to climb my leg until I get on her level and give her some love. She’s a fighter, she is always wrestling with someone!

Miss Pink (Available)

Miss Purple – Black Female

This is the sweetest little girl. She has the silkiest coat and she loves to be held. She is an explorer, she doesn’t pal up with a certain pup but stays more on the outskirts. I can usually find her on the outskirts smelling and checking everything out. She has some spunk to her, if someone attacks she attacks right back. She is the silent but deadly one 🤣

Miss Purple SOLD

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