Pup Updates!!!

Any of the wonderful families out there have some pup updates send them to me!! I’m missing my Littles of past 😊.

Here is Miss Smidge! This little one is working the road with her dad! He travels for work and she just rides along with him ♥️. Zach says she loves the water and gets pouty when he heads to work. It’s truly amazing the personalities these dogs show us! isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!!!

Smidge riding shotgun 🥰

Mr. Angus, big ole loving brute! He is everything I personality look for in a Lab!! He’s big, beautiful, smart and loving! I’m so proud of this big guy!!

Angus, waiting for the Chewy box lol 😂

Miss Maggie looking for her next toy to destroy 🤣. Maggie is Angus’s sister and from our very first litter. She is so gorgeous and so loved by her family!!

Miss Maggie vs The Kong

Moose Man!! To say this boy is obsessed with his owner is an understatement!

Moose “dad, I need to be close to you” ♥️

Miss Millie (North) we have two Millie’s and this is how I keep them straight, lol! look at this beauty! Mom says she loves the water and is super affectionate when she wants to be, sounds like her mom, Bailey 🥰

Miss Millie just looking fabulous 💕

Captain Sully in the house!! This big boy weighed in at 70 lbs at seven months!!! 😳. I think he might be a big one!

Captain 💤

Miss Oakley!! Oakley is living it up in Canada 🇨🇦! Isn’t she stunning!! From the pictures I see and the stories I read, I want her life!! Oakley is adored by her mom Sarah and I have a feeling it’s mutual 💕💕

Oakley living the good life!

Mr. Red!!! Look at this gorgeous boy! Red is living it up in Wisconsin and looks like he is loving life! Look at all that yard it’s a Lab paradise!

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  1. OMG! We love these updates. You have quite a legacy out there, Dapheney and Maurice. Your pups are amazing.

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