My Girls ♥️♥️🐾🐾

I’ve been focused on my puppies but these girls do all the work! These girls bring all the love and love to work. It’s way too hot here in Oklahoma right now, so they get to chill in the AC indoor kennel or the outside shaded kennel during the day and work in the evening.

Willow has two passes left for her Junior title and hopefully will start her campaigning for Seasoned/Senior this Fall. This girl absolutely loves to work but doesn’t like to go where I direct her, she believes she knows better. This is what we are working on now.

Bailey has one pass left for her Junior and will, like Willow, be campaigning for her Seasoned/Senior titles as well this Fall. Bailey is my all out and go girl, she loves to work and takes direction beautifully, she just needs more practice.

Chilli will start all of her campaign this Fall. Chilli is AMAZING, she is fast, marks well, and honestly, just wants to please me. She works tirelessly and is an absolute joy to train. It took her a bit to mature but she is there now. I cannot wait to see how far she will go!! I’ll be handling her through the lower levels and hopefully send her on to Dan Heard with Downtown Retrievers, for her higher levels!!

Bentley, well she is a retrieving MACHINE but she is really just now maturing to actually understand what I am asking of her. We tried to get her started in her lower levels this last Spring but she was absolutely not ready as I had thought. She is putting in the work now and will hopefully be ready this Fall, I would also like to see her head over to Downtown Retrievers to see how far Dan can take her.

Kimber, well she is the matriarch of this whole enterprise 🥰. She still works, loves to train, as long as it’s with a duck/bird, no bumpers thank you, but she will be retiring this year. She has produced some amazing pups, loves being a mother but she is ready to just take on the grandma role. This girl has my whole heart and has changed my life in so very many different ways!!

Pictured here is also Miss Lucy, she is from Texas and training with us until August. Lucy is the sweetest girl and picking up on things beautifully, but Lucy sees a lot of “squirrels”, she is young and her attention span is very short but she is coming along nicely.

Left to right, Kimber, Lucy, Chilli, Willow
Bailey Girl

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