Meet the Pups 🥰

Here is a little run down on what I am seeing with each pup as their personalities are coming out. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!

Miss Lucy ♥️

Oh my goodness she is so affectionate!! Lucy loves to explore and does not shy away from doing just that, she has explored every possible area she can. She is the second darkest but her personality is just FUN! She’s a cutie patootie ♥️

Miss Lucy!!

Miss Gracie ♥️

Gracie is incredibly independent. She scouts everything out on her own and loves attention but likes being the loner. Gracie is very dominate with the others and usually winds up rolling them while “playing”. She is the lightest of the bunch and looks pretty identical to her momma 🥰. She is beautiful!

Miss Rosie ♥️

This girl!! Rosie is the chunky monkey of the group and so silly!! She is very playful and is enamored with the big dogs. Her and Chili play thru Chili’s kennel and she loves to bark and growl at her. This little bits tail is ALWAYS wagging and she always has her nose to the ground. Needless to say she is the first one to the food 😂. She is not quite as light as Gracie she has a bit more caramel color to her back and ears.

Miss Winnie ♥️

Winnie is a spit fire!!! She is darker than all the others and has a very energetic personality moving from one thing to another, QUICKLY!! She is so loving and loves attention. She wants her legs to move a bit quicker than what they do 😂

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