It’s Incredibly Cold Out!!

“This varies depending on the breed, but a good rule of thumb is if it is too cold for you, it is likely too cold for them,” “Breeds with thicker coats are typically derived from colder climate areas and will have a higher tolerance for low temperatures.” This means a Siberian husky will likely have more tolerance for the cold than a short-haired dog like an Italian greyhound.

When dogs are cold, they may shiver, have a hunched posture, and lift or hold their paws off the ground,” Satchu says. “In extreme cases, hypothermia is possible. Signs of hypothermia include lethargy, muscle stiffness, weakness, decreased mental alertness, and even loss of consciousness.” You should seek immediate treatment if your dog shows signs of hypothermia.

“Paws are one of the few areas of a dog’s body that are not protected by fur, and as a result they are prone to the cold,” “Dogs can potentially suffer from frostbite if conditions are severe. If Fido will tolerate it, booties are a great way to protect paws from the cold and from the salt and sand that is used on walkways.” If booties aren’t your dog’s style, wiping off paws with soap and water or even dog wipes can help prevent damage.


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