Hilarious 🤣

I received this text from Paul, one of our clients, Magnificent Milli’s owner. I have to share because it cracked me up!! I know we have all had this experience with a “dying” plushy 😂.

So, Milli lost one of her good friends today. We had to say goodbye to Mr. DUCKY! Mr. Ducky had wondered a lil too far and got snached by the JYB (junk yard boy) and shredded to pieces, guts everywhere. Poor Mr. Ducky had a great life and was by Milli’s side most all the time.
Today was a sad day for the crew ( listed left to right) Mr. Tiger, Mr. Bebop the bottle, Monkey Butt, Beaver, Foxy, Mr. Dead duck, Mr. Mallard, Baby Duck and Goosey.
But to brighten up their day we all found a new friend FROGGY which put a smile on Milli’s face, the rest of the crew is a lil slow to respond, they will come around tho.
Ms. Bones was so upset she didn’t want to be around anyone until she found out that Mr. Froggy showed up.


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