When looking for the next addition to your family, recognize this is a HUGE COMMITMENT!!!

I’m a breeder and I breed because I want to better the breed, and I want to share this incredible breed with those that are committed to the time and energy this breed will demand.  I am not getting rich, will never get rich, will more than likely lose money.  It is not about the money, it is about sharing these beautiful dogs with deserving and loving family and homes.  Every pup that leaves my home takes a piece of my heart with it.  I help birth, and care and love this pup with everything I have.  They are so much more that “dogs”.

If you are “thinking” about adding an addition, seriously do your homework.  Determine exactly what you have to offer that pup/dog.  Do your research!!  I see so many decide on a whim to get a pup, with no thought to how much time, energy and money this pup is going to need.  In my eyes, dogs are just like children, you don’t give up children, you don’t give up pups/dogs/pets!


2 thoughts on “COMMITMENT

  1. Well said!

    I can tell you from my experience that every dog owner will have ups and downs with their pup. They are a lot of work, however the payoff in what you achieve together, the adventures and companionship of Labrador Retrievers is truly a gift in this life.

    Just remember when you decide to get a pup YOU are all that puppy has in life.


    1. YES!!!! We might have many dogs in our lives, but that dog only has one of us!! We all need to remember we are everything to our dogs!!!

      I hope Cara and your family are doing well!!!


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