Scott and Cathy Sullivan found their new housemate in Mr. Green today!!  We know Mr. Green is going to have an excellent home with this couple.  My husband and I wish for one thing for our puppies, to see them go to good loving homes.  Mr. Green is definitely getting this!!  We know Scott and Cathy are going to have many, many years enjoying this beauty!!  Thank you Scott and Cathy!!

2 thoughts on “GREEN HAS FOUND HIS HOME!!

  1. My wife and I got to meet Dapheney, Hueston, and Maurice today along with the healthy and happy Kimber and her litter of beautiful, picture book black lab puppies. As a former serious amateur trainer, and North American Hunting Retriever Association judge, and having had the pleasure of living with retrievers constantly since 1983 I recommend these folks and this litter of puppies for any dog person at any level.
    The pups are just growing into their own and I was very impressed with the disposition and confirmation of everyone of these pups and their mom. I think they will all be eager to please, easy to train, and confident loyal companions for their new owners in the field, in your home, or working at whatever occupation you may have in mind.
    The Pannell’s have a great environment for this bunch of pups and seem truly dedicated to sustaining the right physical and psychological attributes of the breed.

    Mr. GREEN is Mine!

    It was a pleasure getting to meet them all and we’ll worth the six hour drive.

    Scott Sullivan


    1. I’m just now seeing this Scott, and want to thank you for your kind words. I know Angus is going to be everything that you and your wife are looking for. This family loves Angus and cannot wait to see how this boy does 😊. We hope you’ll keep us abreast of his accomplishments and keep in contact. I cannot wait to see how awesome this pup is going to be. He has a piece of all of our hearts.


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